ReSharper Series - Retrospective?


Now, I've written the first 4 (7 really) parts of my ReSharper Series - I was a bit curious if anyone is actually reading it - and if anyone is getting value from it? Personally I am learning quite a bit more than I already knew about ReSharper. So a few questions:

  • So, are the topics too basic? Too advanced? Too long posts?
  • Would it be better with screencasts? I feel it can be kind of hard to show the speed that you can obtain with ReSharper using simple screen shots.
  • Are there anything in particular you would like to hear about? Hear more about something that has already been mentioned?
  • Other suggestions?

I am going away on ski vacation next week and then to Copenhagen for a few days after that (for the MDIP meeting), so there's probably not going to be any more posts until I get back in about 2 weeks.

Hope to get a few useful comments (or mails) on this post.