GOTOing this year!

I'm happy to announce that I will be going to GOTO 2012 Aarhus in October. Trifork invited me as a blogger, and as such I will be writing blog posts before, under and after the conference. Even though the invitation includes a free ticket, you can rest assured that my future posts about GOTO will contain only my opinion expressed in my words.

The agenda for the conference has been posted and while there's no dedicated .NET track, the speaker list does include Anders Hejlsberg and Scott Hanselman. I'm also looking forward to seeing Dan North speak again, I was really sold on his talks last year at Öredev. Track-wise I‘m definitely going to attend talks in Continuous Delivery, JavaScript, Languages, Hard things made easy and It’s about the people, stupid.

I would have loved a bit more functional programming in the conference program, especially with my new found interest in Clojure. But I guess you can't have it all.

I‘m still considering my approach to blogging about the conference. My main style on this blog is usually informational and rather technical, but I wouldn’t mind dipping into some of the more people / project centric problems / discussions of our industry. One of the benefits of being a independent consultant is that you see so many different places - so I have developed quite a bit of "You're doing it wrong!" opinions over the years.

Hope to see you at the conference!